Aha Moment {365 Days of Gratitude – The Chronicles of God’s Blessings – Day 49}


A month ago I went to a place in which I often visit. I stayed in a restaurant while waiting for my friend to come. Eventually I got bored so I decided to walk around. Unknowingly, on the other side of the mall, another friend of mine together with his wife decided to drop by the place to check for the restroom. As I walked aimlessly  checking for some stuffs, we saw each other and we were both surprised. It was unexpected. A bizarre situation.

We were laughing and amazed  because it is uncommon for us to be on that place at the same time. Their time in Manila was just limited so no matter how we plan to meet again seems to be out of reach.But I guess it was meant for all of us to be there. We did all the catch up and ended up in a sumptuous dinner all together. It was fun and I consider that day one of my favourite.

Life has full of surprises… An umbrella of unexpected things.

That night, on my bed as I was putting myself to sleep, God spoke to me and I realized something.

I just came from a big disappointment in regards with the matters of the heart. But God made me realized that I don’t have to look desperately for love for it will surely come at the most unexpected time and place. And when that day comes the joy will be incomparable.

I remember how happy we were and I know that it will surpass the joy, the excitement  when I finally meet the one.  It’s an overview of what awaits me.

God has his own time and His plan is perfect.This I know :)

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My Hallmark Of Love


In time for Valentine’s Day, it feels good to recall my 14 version of what LOVE is… Happy Hearts Day Everyone! May the true meaning of love manifests in our lives, in our families and whatever relationship we have.

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My Hallmark Of Love 

The Eskimos have 52 words for snow because it is so special to them; there ought to be as many for love. – Margaret Atwood.

 Eskimos have many words for snow and Egyptian had fifty words for sand because it is important to them. For that matter, since love is important for most of us,  I will  also  explore  various meaning of it. It doesn’t have to be romantic at all. As long as it conveys the feeling of love.

So here are my 14 definition of LOVE:

14. The first photo of a celebrity baby can command multi-million dollar payouts. But Shakira shunned a big money deal and instead asked fans to donate to Unicef as she released a heart-warming picture of her newborn son cradled in his father’s arms.
13. First-grade teacher Soto of Sandy Hook Elementary School who  died trying to shield her students from…

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365 Days of Gratitude – The Chronicles of God’s Blessings {Day 34}


My uncle’s burial day. Thanking God because I felt His never ending love and comfort to me and to my family.

I know that in these trying times, we realized the importance of having a real relationship with one another. All of us was reminded to spend quality time with each other, and of course to put God in the center of our family.




365 Days of Gratitude – The Chronicles of God’s Blessings {Day 32}


Despite of the pain brought by my uncle’s death, I still have reason to celebrate. Four of my cell group members graduated from School of Leaders. It is my joy seeing my ”children” finished another milestones in their walk with God.  It reminds me that my labor in the Lord is not in vain.

To God be the glory!

365 Days of Gratitude – The Chronicles of God’s Blessings {Day 27}


I was sipping my coffee this morning when I received a very shocking sad news from my cousin. My uncle had an accident and died after. It was a tragic accident. So I called my dad to inform the news. Uncle Alberto is my father’s big brother. Someone who is close to his heart. My dad broke down as he heard the news. It was the first time I heard my father cried. At that time I don’t know what to worry for. Is it about the accident or my dad’s emotion. I’m afraid for his health.

Normally, I write good things for my 365 Days of Gratitude. I write things that I am thankful for big or small. But this time I asked myself… Is there something to be thankful for? I wonder why my uncle died in a very tragic way.

I sat in one corner and allow God to comfort me… I know that ALL things happen for a reason, and so the cliche’ goes that everything has a purpose. But when you are on that situation sometimes you will wonder why.

But through God’s grace, I feel that His comfort is with us. We were grieving but we believe that God is holding us in His hands at these trying times.

Realization floored over me. When he was still alive, I was able to show him my love. Not just me but my entire family. There are times that we bring him at the mall, treat him in a good restaurant and offer some financial help even though he doesn’t need it at times. It’s our way to show our love to him. So the guilt factor and the sadness somehow lessened.

Once again I was reminded to do good things to people while they are still alive. To share precious time with your loved ones MORE  this time. To share whatever I have. Time is very precious. We need to live as if this is the last moment for each one of us.

Live a good life. Love one another. Forgive.Serve God. Serve others.

Still there are things to be thankful for…

I love you Jesus

365 Days of Gratitude – The Chronicles of God’s Blessings {Day 25}


The word today is very enlightening and intellectually stimulating. So I need to work on 5 things starting today.

L – Loyalty – not just to the church where I planted but also to the tasks that the Lord has given me. And lastly, to God even if no one around me is watching

A – Accelerate – Accelerate my faith to God.

S – Service – I shouldn’t stop on giving service to God through the ministry He has entrusted me.

E – Excellence – To give my best to God in everything I do.

R – Righteousness – Everyday I need to remind myself that He must increase and I should decrease.  I pray that whatever I do it will always be pleasing in the eyes of God.

And finally, I was able to see and hug my long lost godson  Lliam <3  He is such a sweetheart to me.