Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire

My own version of Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire: 101 Luminaries Ponder Love, Death, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life I find delight answering these questions … What is your idea of perfect happiness?… Continue reading

In His Hands

Inventors have the proper knowledge of their creations. They know exactly the real purpose of their masterpiece. They are familiar of it’s proper usage, aware of its precautions and the right way of… Continue reading

Simplicity of Life – Random Thoughts on Typhoon Glenda

Typhoon Glenda just passed by Metro Manila. It’s still dark, no internet, no electricity. Phone signal seems to be elusive at this time. Technical glitch is so much present. This boredom could kill… Continue reading

Two sides of the coin

In all circumstances, there is good and bad, happy and sad, black and white, fact and fiction,true and false. Often we do not recognize that the other side exist. Truth is in every… Continue reading

Father’s Day Reflection

Last Father’s day me and my family were looking for a restaurant to celebrate the special day. But before we take our dinner, we decided to have some dessert  first.  I offered a… Continue reading

In Awe

I’m about to prepare for my quiet time. I have in my hand a list of my prayer. As I entered my room and began singing, tears started to fall from my eyes.… Continue reading

Quintessential Moment

The interaction inside the classroom.  The noise of a dragging chair.  The question  they ask you for directions after you have just given them.  The never ending follow up of projects even if… Continue reading

Beauty for Ashes


I am pursued. He constantly showing His love for me. In front of me, behind me, relentlessly pouring His attention on me.  Nothing, absolutely nothing will happen on His watch.  How can I be… Continue reading

UNDER HIS GRACE – Noah’s Ark Reflection

It has been said that the measurement of the ark that God instructed to Noah is the most stable ark in the history. God gave Noah very specific instructions as to how the ark was to be built… Continue reading